Summer and Fire Element


Summer is
 the most yang time of the year with more warmth, sunshine, and longer days. There is energy of expansion, movement, and activity. Harness the yang energy by engaging in more physical exercise and social activities. Wake earlier in the morning and enjoy being outdoors. Explore what piques your curiosity and do what brings you joy.

Summer corresponds to the Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Common symptoms and issues in summer that I see people coming in for acupuncture treatment include: pain flare ups, skin rashes, insomnia, restless sleep, palpitations, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, hot flashes, indigestion, heartburn, mouth sores, anxiety, irritability, confusion, relationship issues, difficulty setting boundaries, feeling guarded in the heart, finding passion, and connecting to purpose.

In the summertime, the increased heat can be balanced by adjusting your diet and nutrition. Eat lighter meals. Avoid heavy greasy food and avoid spicy foods. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, and eat foods that are cooling in terms of energetic temperature. Examples of cooling foods are watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, lemon, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, watercress, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, bitter melon, mung beans, seaweed, mint, dill, cilantro. Also keep cool by drinking lots of water to stay hydrated!

When the seasons change, it's an optimal time to come in for a wellness tune-up! Balancing the body internally helps you to stay in harmony with the changes in the environment.